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Coping With Unjust Realities

My mother has a million sayings and I hated all of them when I was growing up. Today I want to look at one of them that bothered me then and still does today, “Life’s not fair, get over it!” To be fair to my mother, I have to admit that this was her standard rebuttal to my incessant ranting, “NO FAIR!” We all have the ability to recognize unfair treatment, but few of us […]

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Don’t Put God in a Box

Have you ever noticed that when things are going well in our life we think God is in control, but when things aren’t going well we think He has abandoned us?

I admit I have the tendency to feel sorry myself when things aren’t going my way. In fact if I’m totally honest… there is something inside me that thinks, “I’ve been a good girl; surely God will bless me”. Problem is my

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Real Issues for Real Women

The MakeoverSeries – Being Transformed by the Word of God

Have you ever noticed how much we love to see a good makeover?

Television has captivated our attention for years with extreme makeover shows. But,

what would it look like if we were to explore a different kind of makeover… a makeover

of our personal devotion time with God. What if we discovered an intimacy with Jesus

t hat forever changed us?

Join Sheree

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What If…

I’ve wanted it for years, dreamed about what it would look like, and laid in bed countless nights planning how to make it a reality. So why am I so nervous about writing this first blog post? The answer is simple…

  • What if you don’t like it?
  • What if I spend countless hours getting real and pouring my heart out and no one ever reads it?
  • What if people do read it and find out that I
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