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Double Vision

I’m suffering from double vision. I don’t mean seeing the same image twice, but
seeing two images at once and not being able to focus clearly on the image
right in front of me.

The three images I’m referring to are my past, present and future. Do you suffer with
double vision too?

Do you remember the good ole days? I sure remember mine. In fact reminiscing on them
is one of my favorite past times. I remember when my kids were little and times
were good. I remember when my career was bustling and we were like the
Jefferson’s … movin on up. I remember old friendships that I thought would
always be and family traditions I thought we would always keep. Oh the good ole
days, what happened to them?

While my past is filled with fond memories my hopes for the future are equally exciting.
Where will God take me next? Hopefully someday soon I’ll have several published
books, travel the world speaking, retire to the beach and have some well
behaved grandchildren. Surely the economy will turn around soon and things will
be good again. Oh yes… the future holds much promise.

It seems I have no trouble thinking about how great things used to be or how great things
will be again someday. Focusing on today and seeing the great in it is not as
easy; hence my problem with double vision.

Whether we’re longing for the good ole days or aching for our future dreams to come true

both are distractions keeping us from seeing clearly what God is doing today.


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Bible Knowledge Will Only Get You So Far

Bible knowledge will only get you so far.

Recently I was challenged by a friend’s prayer, “Please Lord let the knowledge of You that is in my head move 18 inches lower to my heart.” She later told me that she got the idea from a book by  Ann Graham Lotz. Regardless of where she got it, it was a brave prayer request and one that I’ve been pondering since she said it.

How does it move from our head to our heart? For me it’s been through heart breaking experiences. When my heart has been broken wide open and I have nothing else to hold onto except God, that’s when I’ve been able to truly claim the knowledge of who He is for myself. Reading and studying about Him cannot compare to experiencing Him firsthand. God will never get our full attention until He’s the only answer we can look to.

David, the man after God’s own heart said it like this:

My suffering was good for me, for it taught me to pay attention to your decrees.  NLT Psalm 119: 71

I would say it like this:

Lord, I wish it didn’t take a season of suffering for me to pay attention to Your words. But I’m so glad that you loved me enough to allow me suffer to the point of seeing who You really are. Before I knew of You, now I know You!

Yes, our Bible knowledge will only get us so far… and then we have to draw on it.  



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Was that a cow that just flew by?

I’ve always been adventurous, but a storm chaser I’m not; at least not by choice. Instead I prefer adventure that falls neatly into the category of “limited risk”.  For example: a vacation to someplace exotic or trying a new restaurant. But more often than not, I find myself heading straight into a storm, complete with cows flying by. While I wouldn’t purposely go looking for a storm, I do have a bad habit of creating a flurry of activity that keeps me feeling like I’m in the middle of a F5 storm.


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The Fence That Holds Us Back

Is fear of the unknown holding you back from following your dreams? If so you’re not alone, it held me back too.

If you’re like me, you’ve taken a few steps towards your dream and even spent some time investigating it, but for some reason stopped short of actually engaging it. It’s almost like there is an invisible barrier that keeps us locked out of attaining our dream and locked in to the life we’ve settled for. The barrier is our fear and unfortunately most of us will never make it past it.

You and I aren’t the only ones to stop short of our dreams; two million of God’s chosen people stopped short of their dream too. After living in bondage for 400 years God sent Moses to deliver them and bring them into their dream land. Miraculously God opened the door, actually the Red Sea, and they moved forward toward their dream. Then, when they got close enough to actually see it, they froze in fear. I’ve always wondered what caused them to freeze in fear when God had so obviously brought them out of bondage. (more…)

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