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Pressing On Toward the Goal

I’m a dream chaser. I’ve spent the last six years chasing the dream God placed inside me of becoming a published author and speaker. Some weeks I make great strides and other weeks it seems I am at a dead stand still or even taking a few steps backwards. Despite the slow pace I refuse to give up on the dream God gave me. Like the apostle Paul “I press on to take hold of

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Unanwered Prayer is Something We All Face

“He will guard the feet of his saints”  1 Samuel 2:9  Year after year I’ve prayed the same prayer and so far, God hasn’t answered it. I long to see the fulfillment of a dream that He placed inside me years ago and yet that fulfillment eludes me. On top of that, I see others around me receiving the very thing I long for and as I wait my enemy taunts me, questioning my God […]

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