The alarm sounds and you begin to wake up. Your mind is foggy and you wonder what day it is. Before you know it the sleep timer has gone off again and it’s time to face your day. As the day begins you can’t help but notice the same boring routine you faced yesterday is back again. Everything from blow drying your hair to watching the evening news has become monotonous. And before you know it, you click off another day on your calendar.

Sound familiar?

Many days have clicked by in my boring routine as I’ve waited for weekends or vacations to brighten my existence. Sure there have been mid week surprises here and there, but for the most part one day leads to the next without much excitement.

That is… until God decided I needed a fresh perspective.

His prescription for my fresh perspective has been the crisis of cancer that I am now in the midst of. There’s nothing quite like an illness to make you appreciate life; even if it’s a boring monotonous one.

I first noticed this new perspective earlier this week when I sat down to blow dry my hair, a chore I normally find boring but necessary. The thought suddenly hit me; at least I have hair… something I may or may not have in a few weeks. (They say I probably won’t lose it all, but it will thin.)

As the day went on I noticed other changes to my perspective. Traffic didn’t bother me; at least I could get out and drive. Household chores that normally frustrate me were a delight because I was thankful to have the energy to do them. Even getting up in the morning was easier now that I realize how blessed I am to be able to get up.

Yes, God’s prescription is working. Having two surgeries in three weeks has already given me a fresh perspective of my life and I’m not even half way through the process.

Next week I will start chemo and the week after radiation treatments begin. Life as I knew it; albeit boring and monotonous, will become something I long for. As my perspective is changed and challenged through this season, I pray that yours will be  too.

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God Bless!