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For years I stood behind a salon chair and listened to women share their deepest struggles and secrets. At the same time I noticed my church friends never discussed their struggles. Instead we look across the aisle and assume everyone else has it together; everyone but us that is. The blog is the place where I get real about my struggles with life and God and I invite you to join me. Together let’s put away pretending and encourage each other as we walk this journey called faith.

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You’re Invited!

Join us at Fellowship Bible Church for our current women’s Bible studies beginning several times throughout the year.


Coming Soon

My dream for women’s ministry is to help as many women as possible achieve the dreams God has placed inside them. In order to accomplish this I see a collaboration of many women sharing and supporting one another to achieve those dreams. What may seem impossible to do alone can be easily attained through combined effort. Together we can change the world. Look for details coming soon on this new ministry for women and by women.

About Sheree


Sheree DeCouto
Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

Sheree serves on staff as the Women’s Ministry Director at Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Georgia. She is a Bible teacher, speaker, spiritual coach for leaders, event coordinator, writer, and mentor–and that’s just what she does for her day job! She is also a wife, the mother of three sons, and a mother-in-law to her first daughter-in-love. Her passion is to bring the “real” factor to everything she does. Whether she’s speaking to a large audience, writing, or mentoring, her goal is to be transparent about the struggles she faces so that others feel free to do the same. Most importantly, she wants to inspire those she leads to have a vibrant walk with Christ. Read more from Sheree…


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