What Story Is Your Life Telling?

All of us love a good story. We’re captivated by a budding romance, we sit on the edge of our seats watching a good drama unfold and when up against all odds… we all root for the underdog.

But the story we often miss is the story God is writing in and through our own lives. Instead of seeing the big picture we tend to focus on the individual scenes seeing them as random events.


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Three Words You Never Want to Hear

Three Words You Never Want to Hear You’ve got cancer! The weirdest part is… I feel perfectly fine. Here are the facts: My journey started last October. I had just gotten back from a mission trip to Trinidad when I noticed a lump in my neck. I immediately assumed I had picked up something weird from the hospital we had visited in Trinidad. When it didn’t go away after a week or so I decided […]

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