Coping With Unjust Realities

My mother has a million sayings and I hated all of them when I was growing up. Today I want to look at one of them that bothered me then and still does today, “Life’s not fair, get over it!” To be fair to my mother, I have to admit that this was her standard rebuttal to my incessant ranting, “NO FAIR!”

We all have the ability to recognize unfair treatment, but few of us have the ability to react to it in a godly manner. Even as adults we still yell, “No fair”, when we experience unjust realities. Maybe not outwardly… but inwardly our spirit screams it and whether we realize it or not it seeps out of us.

Reacting in a godly manner to situations that we deem ungodly is perhaps the hardest thing for a Christian to do. The Bible tells us to forgive our trespassers and to turn the other cheek, but how do we do that when everything inside us demands restitution for the wrongs we’ve been dealt.

This is where my mother’s saying stings. Life isn’t fair and we have to get over it. Otherwise we’re in danger of spiraling into a vortex that can suck us into bitterness and hopelessness. Once we’re in the vortex… it’s hard to pull ourselves out.

Recently I found myself in such a place. The unjust reality I faced had sucked me in and left me bitter, hopeless and depressed. While I’m normally very optimistic and upbeat, I found myself just wanting to crawl in bed and cry. I yelled, “No fair” to God and yet He didn’t seem to hear me.

My mother’s words, “Get over it” rang in my ears. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own so I picked myself up by the bootstraps and parked myself in the Word searching for answers. I want to share 5 coping skills God showed me to help me get over it: (more…)

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