Double Vision

I’m suffering from double vision. I don’t mean seeing the same image twice, but
seeing two images at once and not being able to focus clearly on the image
right in front of me.

The three images I’m referring to are my past, present and future. Do you suffer with
double vision too?

Do you remember the good ole days? I sure remember mine. In fact reminiscing on them
is one of my favorite past times. I remember when my kids were little and times
were good. I remember when my career was bustling and we were like the
Jefferson’s … movin on up. I remember old friendships that I thought would
always be and family traditions I thought we would always keep. Oh the good ole
days, what happened to them?

While my past is filled with fond memories my hopes for the future are equally exciting.
Where will God take me next? Hopefully someday soon I’ll have several published
books, travel the world speaking, retire to the beach and have some well
behaved grandchildren. Surely the economy will turn around soon and things will
be good again. Oh yes… the future holds much promise.

It seems I have no trouble thinking about how great things used to be or how great things
will be again someday. Focusing on today and seeing the great in it is not as
easy; hence my problem with double vision.

Whether we’re longing for the good ole days or aching for our future dreams to come true

both are distractions keeping us from seeing clearly what God is doing today.


By |October 28th, 2011|7 Comments