“He will guard the feet of his saints”  1 Samuel 2:9 

Year after year I’ve prayed the same prayer and so far, God hasn’t answered it. I long to
see the fulfillment of a dream that He placed inside me years ago and yet that
fulfillment eludes me. On top of that, I see others around me receiving the
very thing I long for and as I wait my enemy taunts me, questioning my God and
my faith. Sound familiar?

Unanswered prayer is something we all face, but what do we do about it?

Hannah was a woman with an unanswered prayer. She longed for a child, but remained barren.
All the while, her husband’s other wife continued to have children and regularly
taunted Hannah about her misfortune.

One day Hannah made a brave move that changed everything. She stood up in the temple
and in great anguish began praying. Her total abandonment before the Lord left
the presiding priest to think that she was drunk, but alcohol wasn’t to blame
for her outspoken prayer. Hannah had stood up and stepped up her faith. She
vowed to give God back the child that she longed for.

Most of us have unanswered prayers, but not many of us are willing to give God back the
very thing that we long for. Instead we cling to the hope of having what we
desire and we stay disappointed when we don’t receive it.

Everything changed for Hannah when she released her dream of having a child and gave it
back to God. Not long afterward she became pregnant with Samuel. God indeed
guarded the feet of this saint as she stood up and stepped up her faith. Not
only did He guard her feet, he was gracious to her. All in all Hannah wound up
having three sons and two daughters.

Reading her story has encouraged me to take the bold step of faith to release my dream back
to God. What about you, are you ready to take this bold step of faith?


You place dreams in our hearts, you govern time, and you orchestrate the events of our lives.

To you be all glory and honor. Forgive us of our selfish nature. Enable us to have right motives
that honor you and not ourselves. And like you did for Hannah, guard our feet
as we step up in faith.